Share your advocacy successes, failures and ideas here, so we can empower the most effective rapid world vegan shift momentum.
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Vegan Living & Culture

General vegan living - what made your shift easy, share information that you think can be useful to vegans, prevegans and revegans. :)
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Vegan Rights Violations and Discrimination Experiences

Tell us about an experience that you have had, witnessed, or are aware of. We are collecting information to help us identify the types of problems vegans encounter that impede compliance with vegan ethics and thwart thriving health.
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Vegan Shift Phase 1: American Vegan Access Act - Vegan Access/Options EVERYWHERE

This is to develop the language that will be used in the AVAA. Post your ideas and solutions to the barriers we presently face as vegans in a prevegan world.
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Vegan Shift Phase 2: American Vegan Policy Implementation Plan

The vegan community needs to provide the Vegan Policy Implementation Plan for our policy when the time comes. We need all hands on deck to develop this plan, because it needs to be ready when the time comes. This is a 10 year plan: Vegan Nation 2024. This will be the template for all nations.
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